Ruthger & Sanne

About this film

Ruthger and Sanne got married at Nikis Resort in Gubbio, Umbria, Italy, for their three-day wedding celebration. It kicked off with a warm welcome for the guests, followed by an adventurous scooter tour through the picturesque surroundings, culminating in a cozy evening filled with pizza & Spritz.

The pinnacle, of course, was the wedding day itself, featuring a ceremony offering a stunning view of the mountains. Beautiful speeches were given, and Ruthger and Sanne's vows truly sealed the deal. A magnificent sunset marked the end of the day, followed by a lively party.

The final day commenced with a delightful lunch for guests, followed by relaxation by the pool. These days brimming with unforgettable moments were captured; memories that will forever live on in this wedding film.

Project: Wedding film
Wedding Venue:
 Nikis Resort

Location: Gubbio, Umbria, Italy
Photographer: Elien van den Brande


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